One thought on “How many years can you be on birth control pills?

  1. Arti says:

    Sure, why not? Experts say there’s no need, but if it makes you feel better to experience one or two natural cycles, after being on birth control pills for years, then go for it. But just remember, if you aren’t taking birth control pills, you’ll need to use another form of contraception if you want to avoid pregnancy. If you’re healthy, and checking in annually with your gynecologist, you can take birth control pills long term, for as many years as you need them. Interestingly, there may be – but probably not in any way you’d expect. (This isn’t so crazy or scary — contrary to popular belief, birth control pills work in general by acting on hormone receptors in the parts of the brain that regulate our reproductive organs, not on the reproductive hormones directly.  Research into long-term hormonal birth control use is lacking, but the few studies that exist suggest there may be an effect in the place where you least expect it: your brain.

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