One thought on “How much biodiversity exists in the Berger Picard today?

  1. Arti says:

    An outbred puppy would inherit genetics from its sire that were very alternative from those it inherited from its dam. This measurement will range from 0 to 1 when a dog is more inbred, and from 0 to -1 when the dog is outbred. Being outbred reduces the likelihood of known and unidentified recessive component diseases expressing in individuals. One part of the UC Davis canine diversity test is called Internal Relatedness or IR. Many of these measures together give us an overall picture of the state of the breed and as a result we can make informed decisions on breed management. An inbred puppy would inherit many of the exact same genetics from both its dam and sire. Dr. Pedersen’s reports look at the data from the VGL canine diversity test in many alternative ways, in order to assess the total amount of biodiversity within a breed. This is an often used conservation genetics measurement that estimates how inbred a dog is.

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