One thought on “How much does a Duroc pig cost?

  1. Arti says:

    Durocs are moderately sized pigs when compared to the large red hogs that influenced the breed’s early origin. Show quality pigs can be several hundred dollars, while farm-quality pigs will be much cheaper. Today’s Durocs weigh anywhere from 500-750 pounds or 220-340 kilograms. He measured 9 feet long from the tip of his nose to his hind end. The Duroc is not the largest breed of pig. The record for the largest pig belongs to a pig named Big Bill. Expect to pay anywhere from $50- several hundred for a Duroc. The price will vary based on the pig’s age and quality. The younger that you can purchase the pig, the cheaper it will be as well. Big Bill was a Poland-China pig that weighed in at an incredible 2,552 pounds. Duroc pigs are the second most popular breed of pigs in the world, making it very easy to find them. Duroc pigs are the second most popul

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