One thought on “How much does the veneer treatment usually cost?

  1. Arti says:

    Each layer is then hardened using a curing light. As far as shade goes, custom-designed porcelain veneers can be specified to match any color and shape. They also don’t stain as much. This makes them a less suitable choice, if you’re a fewone who smokes or drinks coffee and red wine regularly. Porcelain veneers are stronger and more durable than composite veneers, so they’ll work better if you’re looking to improve the appearance of several teeth at once. While porcelain teeth will still need to be eventually replaced, they are known to last a lot longer than composite veneers. However, direct composite veneers involve extreme attention to detail as the final result depends entirely on the skill and artistry of the dentist. When all composite is placed, veneers need to be polished extremely well before they are bonded to tooth structure. They are more likely to chip and seem to stain more easily. Modern composite materials can provide a life-like, beautiful appearance and can last for a reasonable amount of time (5 to 10 years). Modern composite materials can provide a life-like,

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