One thought on “How often can a person be candled?

  1. Arti says:

    Also, clients with hearing devises may need candling more frequently due to their ear canal being blocked. Most clients will intuitively know when they feel "clogged" or experience sinus pressure. a few doctors do not endorse ear candling because they do not believe in it. The process has been lost to common knowledge for many years and only a small but growing number of people know about it. An individual can have their ears cleaned with the change of seasons or "as needed" due to allergies, swimmer’s ear, etc. In cases of chronic ear discomfort, I have scheduled a clients’ appointments two weeks apart. Because it’s considered an Old Home Remedy, those people who do know about it probably gained the knowledge as it was passed on from generation to generation. Instead, they will wash the ears with syringe-like instrument: which may be very uncomfortable and a fewtimes painful according to a few client’s previous experiences. Ear Candling is not promoted to be a cure-all, but in many cases, it has proven to be a successful and economic alternative. If they took the residue from an Ear Candling and viewed the material under a microscope, they would see that it’s living and active and the same substances that they are attempting to remove. Laboratory analysis has shown that the residue removed by Ear Candling consisted of ear wax, residuals from past infections, fungus, bacteria, yeast/candida, ear mites, worms, parasites and hair etc.

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