One thought on “How often you see cats licking each other?

  1. Arti says:

    At first, the primary motive is to remove the afterbirth fluids from their little fur. Licking is not just functional conduct, but it’s also a physical display of confidence. It helps them to express their consent towards each other. As we have already discussed that there are several reasons why cats lick each other. If you say that you haven’t seen any cat licking onto each other, then you are most probably ignorant. You might have seen that when the kitten is born, the mother cat keep licking them until they are clean. But the reasons simply signify that their primary purpose is to share a bond with the other cat. This is mainly a social behavior, and there are several reasons to do so. Plus, the kittens will be learning to groom themselves too. But even after several weeks, you will notice that the mother still lick the babies to clean the abdominal area and anal area after feeding. Because the most common scenario when a cat licks other cats is when it becomes a mother. The licking of anal areas is often done to encourage the kitten to poop.

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