One thought on “How to Write a College Admission Essay?

  1. Arti says:

    Supplemental essay word counts may be around 250 word limit. There may not be any set rules on how to write a college admission essay. It may be longer, yet keep in mind that unless the subject matter is riveting, the admissions committee may lose interest. Do address the essay prompt. Do let your unique voice and personality come through in your writing. Do let your unique Be honest: Do not try to market or package yourself in a particular way in order to impress colleges. Admission essay should not be written in one sitting and its good to have it reviewed by as many as people since others can see a few of your mistakes which is ignored by oneself. You may want your college essay to be precise, coherent, focused, and accurate. A college essay for a Common App could be around 650 words. Do brainstorm ideas before writing. • Preach. • Use gimmicks.

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