One thought on “How Will Your German Anatolian Shepherd Be With Children and Other Animals?

  1. Arti says:

    For the majority of dog owners, the GSD Anatolian Shepherd hybrid will not be an ideal pet. Many of the traits that make her parents’ great dogs are not manageable qualities for the typical family. What you will see in dogs which include Border Collies and German Shepherds is strengthening their instincts of pursuit. Experts remind you often that herding is a modification of a dog’s prey drive. German Anatolian Shepherds are large dogs, 26 to 30 inches tall, and weighing 90 to 125 pounds. Your puppy will most often be the common fawn color of the Anatolian with a black facial mask and the stereotypical white blaze that splits the face. Hybrids can also be white, brindle, red, or gray. No one would know for sure if the original breeders of the Anatolian German Shepherd sought a more independent herding dog for their flocks or a more trainable family pet.

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