One thought on “What advice would you give to a patient who wants to keep the risk of surgical complications as low as possible?

  1. Arti says:

    Patients should be aware that a few cancers are found so early that immediate treatment is not necessary, and these tumors can be monitored closely through an approach called active surveillance — a method we’ve pioneered very successfully here at MSK. But they can control the treatment choices they make. ” It actually means 75 percent of patients will be able to get a functional erection, often with the aid of a pill. I have found that patients often misunderstand the real meaning of percentages doctors give them about the likelihood of recovering their function. Prostate cancer surgery does a fewtimes have a negative impact on these functions, although the likelihood depends on a variety of factors, including age, the extent of the cancer, and baseline function, or how well everything worked before the procedure. A lot of patients interpret that as meaning, “I have a 75 percent chance of returning to my baseline function. But complication rates also go up dramatically when we do surgery on patients who have failed other prostate cancer treatments,

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