One thought on “What Are 5 Emotional Signs of Stress?

  1. Arti says:

    Your nervous system does not know the difference between emotional and physical threats. The more your body stays in the “fight or flight” mode, the harder it’s to find a healthy balance. But, every day, a bit more stress gets added. The feelings of stress can feed off each other, making you feel worse. ” Well, stress should be on the list. When you know what 5 emotional signs of stress are, you can stop and find balance again.   Learn what the 5 emotional signs of stress are and tips to help you de-stress. Stress over an argument, bills, and work deadlines can cause your body to react the same as a life or death situation. When you stress out for long periods, you start exhibiting the emotional signs of stress. Whether it’s work, children, or bills, life is full of stress. The saying is, “there is nothing guaranteed in life except death and taxes. And before you know it, the stress has become overwhelming. You may not even notice how much it’s affecting you. A little work stress, a little stress at home, is not a big deal. The physical and emotional effects of stress can cause serious health issues. Stress is dangerous because it sneaks up on you.

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