One thought on “What are empiric antibiotics and fortified antibiotics?

  1. Arti says:

    a fewtimes, the patient’s story or the eye exam can give clues as to the type of infection. Because corneal cultures take days to reveal what the specific infecting agent is and about one-third of the time don’t show anything, we have to start treatment before we know with certainty what is infecting the cornea. These are called fortified antibiotics and will most likely have to be made at a special compounding pharmacy. This practice is called broad spectrum or empiric antibiotics. Your doctor often needs antibiotics that are not commercially produced by drug companies or needs antibiotics at a higher concentration than what drug companies typically produce. Your doctor has to select medications that will cover the most likely suspects for your case and will try to cover as many entities as possible within reason. Amniotic membranes, which are obtained from the placenta during a planned Cesarean section, have anti-inflammatory properties, promote regeneration of the corneal epithelium, and reduce corneal scarring. PROKERA is the only FDA-approved therapeutic tissue products that reduce inflammation and promote healing of the ocular surface. Click here for more information about Prokera. it’s a biologic corneal bandage device useful for a wide variety of corneal surface diseases including corneal ulcers. it’s a biologic corneal bandage device useful for a wide variety of corneal sur

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