One thought on “What Are Some Signs that I May Have Cracked My Tooth?

  1. Arti says:

    a fewtimes, these tiny cracks cannot even be seen on X-Rays. While gum disease may not seem like a big deal, we encourage you to take it seriously. People seem to assume that as dentists, we only care if our patients brush and floss their teeth regularly. While it’s true that we appreciate good at-home dental care, we know that oral health goes beyond brushing and flossing, and can be impacted by activities like smoking and vaping. If treatment is delayed, the crack will worsen and may result in tooth loss. Advanced gum disease is associated with diabetes complications, as well as an increased risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer, osteoporosis, and respiratory disease. There are a number of reasons that a tooth might crack. Unfortunately, identifying a cracked tooth on your own may be difficult.

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