One thought on “What Are The Benefits & Drawbacks To A Root Canal?

  1. Arti says:

    While the unhealthy portion of your tooth is removed and covered with a crown, hanging on to the healthy portion of your natural tooth helps protect your overall oral health and your smile alignment. Root canals also require less time as all items can be accomplished in one day due to our ability to create crowns in our office during your procedure. The amount of time you spend at the dentist office getting your tooth extracted is significantly less than the alternative procedure. The ability to keep your natural tooth is the primary benefit to root canals. Your pain is caused by damage and decay going down to the root of your tooth where your nerves are located. If you don’t have dental insurance or the funds to pay for a root canal, extraction of a tooth is a much more affordable option. For a number of hundred dollars you can be free of the tooth and the pain it’s causing you in your mouth. However, this is just for the extraction procedure as getting a dental implant to replace your missing tooth requires additional appointments. During root canals, our team works to remove the damaged and decaying parts of your tooth while keeping the healthy sections of your tooth intact.

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