One thought on “What are the cons of hiring part-time employees?

  1. Arti says:

    The short answer is that it’s expensive to hire full-time workers. They are viewed as less dependent on income than full-time workers whose salaries (and often health insurance and retirement accounts) are tied to their jobs. However, many companies do offer benefits to part-time employees, which may mitigate this issue (though it would increase costs). Full-time employees are the standard in many industries. a few benefits of employing full-time staff are ease of scheduling meetings, perception of loyalty, and more work hours per person. Part-time employees are not available to you 40 hours per week, they may or may not be getting benefits from you, and they may have other clients paying them. By design, a single full-time employee costs more than a single part-time employee. Even if you do not offer the full-time employee benefits (which many companies are required to do by law, further increasing the costs), 40 hours a week costs more than 20 hours a week. Because of these factors, a few employers feel that part-time workers ar

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