One thought on “What are the Disadvantages of Explosion Vents?

  1. Arti says:

    This reduced efficiency can result in the need for larger doors to achieve the same reduced pressure as a smaller, more cost-effective explosion vent. However, since they are a very simple solution, replacement is easy and cost effective, since they are cheaper to install than doors. Vents require replacement once they have opened. Generally, explosion doors have a greater inertia than an explosion vent panel, reducing their efficiency. Vents can open with almost no inertia, so they are suitable for all sizes of vessel and for all positions on that vessel. Also, downtime is often minimal after an explosion event, as explosion doors usually close automatically. The primary benefit of explosion doors is that they don’t need to be replaced after activation. The first disadvantage of explosion doors is their dependence on inertia for activation.

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