One thought on “What are the disadvantages of ranked-choice voting?

  1. Arti says:

    “Its advocates want to replace real democracy, in which a majority picks the winner, with a fewthing akin to a game show method of selection. The result could be more like Family Feud than a decision about one of the most important choices people can make. Ranked-choice voting could ensure that a winner has the approval of a majority of voters by taking into account their preferences, apart from first choice. And it will turn out to have a bitter taste,” according to Gordon Weil, a former Maine state agency head and municipal selectman, writing in 2015 when voters in that state were mulling the system’s adoption. “Ranked-choice voting is the flavor of the day. Opponents of ranked-choice voting conseem that it’s not a democratic approach and that it won’t solve election problems. They say it will, in fact, create more of them. In this way, the problem of winning on a mere plurality is mitigated and public servants are chosen because they more truly reflect the electorate’s desires.

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