One thought on “What are the industries where rare earths are deployed?

  1. Arti says:

    This implies that the State Export Control Administrative Departments may deny its approval and prevent rare earths’ export when it deems it’s necessary. Rare earths products will likely have to go through the export approval procedure provided by the ECL. The draft Regulations state the applicability of the Export Control Law (“ECL”) to the export of rare earths, which will affect industries dependent on these exports. Rare earths are widely deployed in various industries, including electronics, clean energy, aerospace, automotive, and defense, while the end use of rare earths include, for instance, the production of magnets, catalyzers, and displays. This makes them immensely valuable to high-tech industrial manufacturing and R&D. The draft Regulations expressly state that enterprises that perform import/export of rare earth products shall abide by laws and regulations, which include foreign trade and export control.

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