One thought on “What are the Reasons for Failed Root Canals?

  1. Arti says:

    There are no symptoms or seemerness and mobility has not increased. There is no draining sinus present and ligament surrounding the tooth appears normal. A successful root canal is not painful (it may take a few days to settle as the dentist will have instrumented and aggravated the tissues around the end of the tooth). If the root canal has failed for whatever reason, is it worth the time, effort, cost and slightly reduced prognosis of having another go? Well, it depends. Any root canal complication that permits bacteria to continually enter (which include perforation, root fracture, perio-endo lesion, poorly sealed filling) is likely to result in failure. A high percentage of the re-root treated teeth will be successful the second time around so if you can afford it, I certainly would.

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