One thought on “What are the risks of LAP-BAND® surgery?

  1. Arti says:

    In particular, the genetic and physiological influences that contributed to your obesity problem in the first place significantly affect your ability to shed pounds quickly after LAP-BAND® surgery. The speed of your weight loss after LAP-BAND® surgery depends on several characteristics that are unique to your body. Because your LAP-BAND® device is adjustable, Dr. Dahiya can make your LAP-BAND® device more restrictive if you are not losing weight fast enough. In general, the better you are at sticking to your post-surgery weight loss program of diet and exercise, the faster you should reach your weight loss goals. Complications from LAP-BAND® surgery are extremely rare, but can include ulcers, gastritis, infection, bleeding, and problems with the LAP-BAND® device. Gastric banding surgery like the LAP-BAND® and REALIZE® Band do not rearrange your digestive system, which avoids the nutritional difficulties that can a fewtimes occur with gastric bypass surgery. However, Dr. Dahiya performs LAP-BAND® surgery using a single incision with the SPIDER® system to significantly reduce these risks. All major surgery involves a few degree of risk, and LAP-BAND® surgery is no exception.

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