One thought on “What are the symptoms of poor a P2P process?

  1. Arti says:

    ” It’s easy to fall into a trap of processing invoices as soon as they are received. It’s more efficient, both in time and cash-flow, to work through a “Pay by Terms” model where invoices are saved up and paid on the due date. Paying ad hoc is inefficient; it always takes longer and allows cash – that could be earning interest – out of an account sooner than it needs to go. While there are many and varied, the symptoms can be boiled down to “proactive vs. Manual labor involving fixing invoicing issues caused by suppliers or missing orders and receipts are more easily resolved. The most obvious benefit’s that a procure-to-pay process flow can bring light to inefficiencies and gives businesses the ability to do proactive suppliers management. For organizations, this means employees can easily and quickly buy all the goods and services need from preferred contracts, ensures they stay within budget and work with required approvals. reactive.

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