One thought on “What Are Tokens?

  1. Arti says:

    There just a couple of components that make up the token system in Drupal 7, which is nice because it means fewer new things we have to learn. Video loading. . those that require some additional context in order to have their dynamic values calculated. In order to avoid having to hard-code a welcome string for every single user of the site it would be nice to dynamically generate the string. Tokens are specially formatted chunks of text that serve as placeholders for a dynamically generated value. But, it’s important to understand what those components are and some of the fundamentals of how tokens work in order to make the most of Drupal’s Token API. In this lesson we’ll take a look the use case for tokens, talk about token types, and the concept of global tokens vs. Here’s a really simple example: You want to display a welcome message to user’s of your site, and you want it to be personalized so how about you add their name and instead of just saying “Welcome”, you can say “Welcome, Joe”. . So you use a one like the following, “Welcome, Anonymous”.

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