One thought on “What breeds are similar to Yorkshire Terriers?

  1. Arti says:

    A toy dog can be injured simply by a larger Not true. A toy dog can be injured simply by a larger dog jumping around with enthusiasm and accidentally landing on the smaller one. In theory, Yorkies can get most of their exercise indoors. The short answer is No, there’s only the one breed. Silkys are fine for a few allergy-sufferers, but perhaps not as tried-and-true as a Yorkie. The Silky Terrier looks like a largish (8-12 pounds) Yorkshire Terrier. Compared to Yorkies, Silkys seem to be more stable in temperament, but also more terrier-ish – more independent and hardier. The official Yorkshire Terrier clubs, along with breeders who show Yorkies in the conformation ring, assert that the ONLY correct colors are tan or gold, with a blue saddle.

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