One thought on “What can I do so that SocialChorus and the social networks pull similar images, videos, or text?

  1. Arti says:

    You can create the content directly in SocialChorus without using a link to another website, so that SocialChorus is the source of truth about the post. If you take this route, there is still a possibility that a target social network will simply not display the image that you uploaded in SocialChorus. The networks have algorithms to determine whether an image should be displayed, which include the image is a sufficient size. The standards for og: tags can be reviewed on Open Graph’s website. The og: metadata tags were first developed by Facebook and have become an industry standard. For example, upload a video or create an article post. How does SocialChorus determine the image, title, and description from a link? How do the social networks which include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn determine the image, title, and description of a link or share from SocialChorus? How does SocialChorus determine the

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