One thought on “What can I expect after a root canal procedure?

  1. Arti says:

    As a result of trauma or dental decay, bacteria penetrate the hard outer layers of the tooth and get into the pulp, causing infection. This infection may result in a tooth abscess, or further infection to the gums and bone surrounding the teeth. In the long run, they will probably cost more than a root canal treatment. This can be replaced with a denture, implant or bridge, none of which options is without need for follow-up care. Any pain or sensitivity worse than that should be reported immediately to your dentist/endodontist, as it may indicate further or renewed infection in that tooth. Please read our Patient Instructions Following a Root Canal. The only real alternative to root canal treatment is extraction of the tooth. The tooth may feel “alternative” for a number of days after the procedure, especially if there was pain beforehand, and may remain a little uncomfortable –this discomfort can easily be managed with over-the-counter medications. Root canal treatment, however, is usually very successful, with over 95% of teeth having good outcomes. Any cold or hot sensitivity will be immediately gone once endodontic treatment is complete. Usually, the problem is infection. Following a root canal you should be able to resume normal activity almost immediately.

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