One thought on “What can I use for teeth while the implants heal?

  1. Arti says:

    Depending on a variety of factors, it may be possible to begin this phase of your treatment immediately or shortly after implant placement. Many options are available, and they are tailored to your specific requirements. If all of your teeth are missing, we can usually modify your present complete denture or make you a new temporary denture. If you need a replacement tooth while the implants are healing, temporary removable teeth or a temporary bridge can be made. Questions? Call us at 919-293-0299. Even though great care is taken to place the implant precisely, occasionally adjacent teeth are injured in the placement process. The replacement teeth are usually attached to the implant when adequate healing has occurred and your jaw bone is firmly fused to the implant. Pain medication and antibiotics will be prescribed for you to make your rec

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