One thought on “What Causes You To Need A Root Canal?

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    As these teeth are more complicated and often require more extensive care, their root canal cost is often steeper. For patients who need a dental crown, a second visit may also be required to switch a temporary crown for a permanent one. Many dentists prefer to split this time in half with two 90-minute visits. a few patients only need a single 30 to 60-minute appointment to remove all damaged tissue and restore it. These take less time to operate on, making them the easiest and most affordable to treat. Front teeth and canines have only a single root with a single root canal. More complicated cases where more than one root needs fixing can take as long as three hours. The length of your procedure depends on the complexity of your specific situation. The cost of a root canal depends on the type of tooth. Molars and premolars nearer the back of your mouth usually have as many as two or three roots, each with one or two canals. This part of the tooth contains the vulnerable blood vessels and nerves keeping your tooth alive and healthy. Teeth are composed of three layers: the hard protective enamel, the softer dentin, and the sensitive dental pulp at your tooth’s center. When the pulp becomes damaged, it can be excruciating. When these structures become damaged, you must get a root canal to remove and replace any damaged dental tissue. When th

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