One thought on “What do I do if my dental implant has become loose?

  1. Arti says:

    At that point, we will let you know if we can assist you or if you need to be referred to a Fresno specialist. This will involve a physical examination along with X-rays so that we can determine the density of your jawbone. to find out more, call our dental office at 559-467-1234. We will then need to clean the area and complete a bone graft if necessary. At Professional Dental Care our focus is on your complete oral health and ensuring that you have access to the procedures you need. We can place a new implant after the healing process. If we cannot, then we will have to replace the crown. Yes, if the actual implant becomes loose, we will typically need to remove it. We can conduct an initial examination, identify what the problem is and how extensive it’s. If the tooth portion of your implant has fractured, we will examine you and let you know if we can restore it

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