One thought on “What do I need to bring to the assessment?

  1. Arti says:

    Therefore it’s recommended that dogs are assessed from the age of 12 months and that this is repeated every two years for their lifetime, or until you stop using them for breeding. As BOAS is a complex syndrome the ways in which it can affect a dog may change over an individual’s lifetime. An assessment form will be completed by the regional assessor Ian and a copy will be given to you following the assessment, with another copy sent to the Kennel Club (UK)  for publication including on the Health Test Results Finder, if the dog is Kennel Club (UK) registered. You will need to bring your dog’s Kennel Club (UK) and/or Irish Kennel Club registration certificates, pedigrees and microchip identification in order for your dog’s assessment to be completed. Results for IKC only registered dogs will still be forwarded to the University of Cambridge for their research.

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