One thought on “What do Shih Tzu Yorkies look like?

  1. Arti says:

    Keep training sessions short, and ensure that you remain upbeat and calm. Shorkies are intelligent dogs and therefore are relatively easy to train. They do have a short attention span and can be stubborn, so you need to be patient with them. Early socialization is important for your Shorkie; he will get along with other animals and children as long as he is exposed to them at a young age. Their legs and bodies are short, and they have floppy ears. He will want to be with you constantly and will cuddle up in your lap at every chance he can. Not to be confused with the Snorkie, Shorkies are small dogs with a medium length coat. Shorkie can come in various colors including black, white, chocolate, tan, red or any combo of these. Your Shih Tzu Yorkie will be loving, loyal, playful, and intelligent. Due to their small size, Shorkies can easily live in apartments and a yard is not necessary. They have shiny, silky hair and do not shed. They require little exercise; 20 minutes of activity per day is enough for this breed. They

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