One thought on “What Do You Want to Know About Sweet Frenchie Chinese Crested?

  1. Arti says:

    Other than the Chinese Crested’s more suspicious nature towards strangers, both dogs become very bonded with the people in their families. French Bulldogs and Chinese Cresteds are surprisingly similar in disposition, given how alternative they look. a few people might even describe the Chinese Crested as needy. Their relatively long legs make them fast and nimble, and they have a ratting background. Chinese Cresteds are very athletic, which may surprise you. Sharing is caring! Powder puffs, or Chinese Cresteds with a full body of hair, have two recessive gene copies. However, if a puppy inherits two copies of the gene, it’s fatal, and the pup will not survive to be born. Hairlessness is a dominant gene in the Chinese Crested.

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