One thought on “What happens after I buy the system?

  1. Arti says:

    It will guide you through the whole process. The other email will contain a quick-start guide with instructions on how to best start using TrendTraderPRO. Once you buy the package you will receive two emails from us. We cannot restrict your trial period because TrendTraderPRO is not a subscription service, it’s a piece of software that once you buy you own forever. Once you download them to your computer they are yours forever. We cannot offer a free trial of TrendTraderPRO for the simple reason that there is no way for us to actually take the tools back from you. We believe that copying a fewone’s trades does not work and doesn’t help you in the long run. Yes! Through TradingView you can use TrendTraderPRO to trade international stocks, futures, forex & cryptocurrencies. That depends entirely on

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