One thought on “What happens after my clear aligner treatment is complete?

  1. Arti says:

    Protect your investment! We strongly recommend you safeguard your new smile with our custom-fit SmileDirectClub clear retainers. Keep them from moving back with our custom-fit retainers. One set costs $99 and is available to purchase toward the end of your treatment. Without retainers, teeth have a seemency to shift back to their original positions. Once at your dashboard, simply enter the date on which you start wearing your first set of aligners and let the dashboard do the rest. If you ever get off course because of a vacation or forgetting to wear your aligners, you can always reset your dashboard by clicking the Get Back on Track button. You can log in to see when you’re scheduled to change to your next set, which aligners you should be wearing, and how many days and aligners you have left in your treatment plan. You can keep track of your aligners by logging in to your account on our website. Call our customer care team at 800-688-4010 about 4–5 weeks before you finish your treatment plan to place your order.

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