One thought on “What Happens During the Porcelain Veneers Procedure?

  1. Arti says:

    Cross can simply slip on the contact lens-thin veneer, using a strong dental adhesive to bond it to the tooth. Cross will perform an oral examination, discuss your goals, and help determine which procedure can best meet your needs. During the consultation process, Dr. However, porcelain crowns are primarily designed to strengthen the structure of a tooth that has been compromised by damage or decay. Conversely, porcelain veneers are primarily designed to improve the appearance of the teeth. Dr. Maintaining good oral hygiene habits and scheduling routine exams with your dentist can help prolong the lifespan of your veneers. Porcelain veneers can last for decades when cared for properly. Porcelain crowns and veneers can be used to correct many of the same tooth imperfections. Cross also recommends patients

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