One thought on “What Happens if I Don’t Treat Periodontitis?

  1. Arti says:

    This can lead to complete tooth loss. In fact, research also suggests that periodontal bacteria can also enter your bloodstream and wreak havoc on your heart, lungs, and other body parts, leading to a number of other diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, strokes, coronary artery disease, and various others. Over time, the situation may get so bad that your only options are root canal treatment or dental extraction. Periodontitis is one of the most dangerous gum diseases. If you don’t treat periodontitis in time, it can lead to complete bone loss and tooth decay. After listening to your description, your dentist may advise you to act immediately or give you an appointment. Even a small delay can result in serious, irreversible loss. Rush to your dentist for a physical examination, or if that is not possible in the short time, contact one on the telephone to seek advice. Therefore, act without delay. Unless you are a dental professional yourself, you cannot tell whether a certain delay can result in unacceptable damage or not. Broken teeth cannot be grown again.

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