One thought on “What happens in the body with type 1 diabetes?

  1. Arti says:

    Because of this, you’ll have to find an insulin routine that works — either injecting insulin through insulin shots, pumps or syringes. With type 1 diabetes, the body isn’t able to make insulin on its own. 15 (A pill wouldn’t work because the stomach acid would destroy the insulin before it could do what it needs to do. The good news is that technology has come a long way in helping people manage type 1 diabetes, including phone apps that alert people when blood sugar levels are changing. ) The best results occur when insulin is injected in the same general area when food starts to enter your blood. 15 To ensure your child is as healthy as possible, you’ll have to think about what they eat and keep track of carb counts. Insulin is a hormone that helps our cells turn blood sugar into energy. 3 Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body mistakenly destroys insulin in the pancreas, so the insulin/food balance may be thrown off.

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