One thought on “What is a dental crown and why might you need one?

  1. Arti says:

    At Gentle Dental Care we will always do the best thing for your mouth. However, if you need less tooth coverage, an onlay may be the better option. There are lots of factors that influence our decision so there is no best option in general terms – we do whatever is best for that particular situation. If a crown needs replacing, then it’s a no brainer – you replace it with another crown. If your bite is not perfect and you have many missing teeth then the restoration is going to have more of an impact so then a crown may be better. The main difference is that an onlay will save a lot of your tooth structure. A dental crown is a structure that covers your whole tooth. In essence, both a crown and an onlay will do the same thing. Each crown is bespoke, made to fit with your teeth and your mouth. Over the years, standards have improved and the techniques we use have changed, allowing dentists to offer a variety of options to patients.

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