One thought on “What Is a Good Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

  1. Arti says:

    It’s the food least likely to cause allergic reactions in dogs. The word hypoallergenic means “less” allergenic.   Although skin and blood testing for allergies in dogs exists, a few question its cost and effectiveness. Food allergies also present alternatively in dogs than in humans. “A rule of thumb, but certainly not in 100 percent of cases, is that food allergies cause more itching around the head and face, with yeasty ear infections, while environmental allergies show up in other areas which include chronic foot-licking,” Dr. In dogs, allergies are usually expressed through the skin, but they may present other symptoms. Because food allergies are not common, you can look for signposts to isolate the causes. “Generally, if a dog is scratching non-seasonally, I will look at food as a possible cause of the scratching,” suggests Dr. Judy explains. When it comes to food allergies, the only way to really determine what’s causing the symptoms is through an elimination of food items and change of diet. Judy.

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