One thought on “What is a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA)?

  1. Arti says:

    The United States’ National Preparedness Goal describes the process of preparing and responding to hazards, threats, and disaster. A thorough HVA should guide organizations toward the areas of greatest risk so that they can subsequently focus attention and resources on risk mitigation efforts. S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Hazard Vulnerability Analysis definition refers to the process of “identifying risks that are most likely to have an impact on a healthcare facility and the surrounding community. As part of the HVA process, you’ll need to assess the likelihood of possible hazards. The following examples were extracted from Ready. gov, a federal website for disaster preparedness information. ”  The goal of the risk assessment is to inform organizations–like hospitals or emergency management entities–of the greatest risks they face and areas of vulnerability in the event of natural disaster or other civil hazards. The U.

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