One thought on “What is considered a medically necessary cosmetic dentistry treatment?

  1. Arti says:

    Medically necessary procedures that the American Dental Association considers to be under the category of cosmetic dentistry include crowns, veneers (for purposes other than strictly aesthetic), bridges, bonding, and braces. D. Brett Cotham, D. These cosmetic treatments are performed to address issues which include restoring diseased, broken, and missing teeth, gum infections, or teeth that may have shifted due to an injury or accident, all of which address the loss of dental function and improve overall oral health. Consulting your dentist is the best course of action to determine if your cosmetic treatment is classified as medically necessary or elective. S. At 32nd Street Dental in Joplin, MO, Dr. James Lewis believe that cosmetic dentistry treatments are a worthwhile option, and our practice offers a variety of payment plans to help patients obtain the beautiful smile

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