One thought on “What is heart disease and heart conditions in dogs?

  1. Arti says:

    There are two main types of heart conditions: one affecting the heart valve and the other the heart muscle. Dogs with either type can be successfully managed through nutrition, exercise and, if necessary, medication. Heart disease is an unfortunate but tolerable condition for your dog. It pumps blood containing oxygen and nutrients through the blood vessels to the cells of the body. The heart is the most important organ in your dog’s body. This can lead to a buildup of fluid in the chest and abdomen. Most heart conditions involve a decrease in the effective pumping of blood. With the right dog food and advice from your veterinarian, your dog can continue to enjoy a happy, active life. Your veterinarian may check for heart disease using a few of the following methods. It can be difficult to tell if your dog has a heart condition because the signs can be similar to those of other dog diseases.

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