One thought on “What is involved in a dental treatment or cleaning?

  1. Arti says:

    Your dog or cat will be administered an appropriate preanesthetic medication prior to the anesthetic procedure. Preanesthetic blood work is always recommended. Your pet will then be given a short acting agent to place your pet under anesthesia and then a gas anesthetic is given to maintain a proper anesthetic level. Our veterinarians will perform a preanesthetic exam and an IV catheter will be placed to administer fluids during the procedure. A true dental treatment or cleaning consists of several steps, a few more critical than others. Your pet will be fasted from the evening before for the anesthesia. Patients check-in between 7 am and 8 am. Generally, routine dental treatments are an outpatient procedure. Patients are typically ready to return home after 4 pm the same day. The procedure is performed in the late morning to early afternoon. it’s impossible to do a thorough cleaning, take dental radiographs and do definitive oral examination (including periodontal probing) on a pet who is awake.

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