One thought on “What is Pen Testing and what is it’s purpose?

  1. Arti says:

    Each penetration test conducted depends entirely on the scope of operation. Once these weak spots are identified, the pen tester can either: provide a report detailing the security holes discovered OR safely exploit the vulnerabilities found within the system in a controlled environment. The purpose of network Penetration Testing is to closely examine weaknesses in a corporate IT infrastructure. A penetration test is a planned attack on a software or hardware system which aims to expose security flaws which may lead to a damaging cyber breach. a few of the alternative penetration tests include: web application pen tests, cloud penetration testing, physical pen testing, external network penetration testing, online website pen testing, network security penetration testing and internal network penetration testing. The results of using alternative penetration tests can vary massively depending on how much information the CREST penetration tester is given prior the assessment. Essentially it tests whether a hacker would be able to evade your security defences or if your technical controls are working successfully. For example-  the level of intrusion it relates to. In a few cases, simply finding the vulnerability is enough. Network pen testing tools can be used to determine the effectiveness of security hardware, software and policies. Network pen testing tools

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