One thought on “What is the cost of replacing or repairing a retainer?

  1. Arti says:

    What was discussed previously as for the cost of retainers can be alternative from when a retainer is broken or needs to be replaced. One of the advantages of Hawley retainers over clear retainers is that they can be repaired, and they seem to last longer as they are sturdier. Repairing a Hawley retainer can be about $75-$250. In other words, if the acrylic part of the Hawley retainer is broken or chipped and as long as the retainer is not distorted, it can be just repaired. The cost of repairing retainers can be as low as half of the cost of replacing the retainer. Unfortunately, clear retainers are not repairable and if they are damaged or broken they have to be replaced with completely new retainers.

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