One thought on “What is the Dental Porcelain Veneer Procedure?

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    During the first visit, the teeth are smoothed and shaped to allow for a proper fit. it’s also challenging to have a drastic color change with Lumineers due to the thinness of the porcelain. Impressions are taken to fabricate models on which the veneers are made. Veneers typically take two visits to complete. The primary limitations come from the concept of “no prep. Lumineers is a trademark name brand for a specific type of “no prep” porcelain veneer. Porcelain veneers in Pittsburgh are typically priced by the tooth, averaging between $750-$2000 per tooth. At the end of the first visit you will leave wearing temporary veneers that will look as natural as possible and will have a proper fit. Lumineers are pressed from ingots of Cerinate porcelain and stained for coloring. This type of porcelain gains its appeal for the lack of dental injection (numbing) and speed of appointments. Fortunately, we offer financing for qualified patients. Dental insurance rarely covers the cost of this service. After about three weeks, you return to have the custom veneers bonded into place. ” Because the natural tooth is not prepped, the thickness of porcelain material will create a bump at the gum line that can catch plaque and food debris. Lumineers work best for candidates with spacing between their teeth or patients with smaller teeth in size that are tilted toward the tongue. Lumineers work

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