One thought on “What is the difference between a KPI and a Metric?

  1. Arti says:

    Well, sort of. Feature comparisons can be a big challenge. KPIs and Metrics are not created equal. If you need lots of data integrations, thousands of metrics feeding your KPIs with hundreds of users, then a more advanced BI solution that incorporates a dashboard would be more suitable. KPI Dashboards come in various flavors, from simple free dashboards that allow you to track a limited number of KPIs, Dashboards that follow strict methodologies which include the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ or ones that come as part of a more extensive Business Intelligence (BI) solution. However, features which include additional analytics tools, KPI reports, and optional manual data entry will prove beneficial as you grow your performance tracking. For example, if you are looking to track a limited number of high-level KPIs, then a simple Dashboard would suffice. it’s important first to know what you need to track and how you will use the software. Most tools have a similar set of basic features which include integrations, full-screen modes, and all the graphs you could ever need. Most tools have a similar set of basic featu

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