One thought on “What is the difference between a website and a web page?

  1. Arti says:

    A website refers to a central location with more than one web page or a series of web pages. On most websites, you read the information contained on each web page. For example, Computer Hope is considered a website, which contains thousands of alternative web pages, including the page you’re reading now. If there are any interesting hyperlinks, you follow those links by clicking or tapping on them to find more information or perform a task. 8 billion websites. You can also listen to music, watch videos, shop, communicate, and much more on many websites. However, most style guides (e. Both versions are technically correct. , Microsoft Manual of Style and The Associated Press Stylebook) suggest website (one word) instead of web site (two words) in all forms of writing. g. Unless the word "website" is at the

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