One thought on “What is the difference between an aggressive dog and a reactive dog?

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    For a start, the best way to solve problems with Reactive Dogs is to read Ali’s book, Scaredy Dog! Understanding & Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog. And for those trying to solve persistent reactive dog issues, click here to find out about Reactive Dog Classes, On the Road to Reality. Click here to go to the “Scaredy Dog! ” page. Or click here to email Ali about seminars, lessons or classes. While a reactive dog ‘can’ be aggressive, he will only likely do so if placed in a situation where he feels that there is no escape. A dog usually displays aggression based on confidence, while a reactive dog displays actions based in fear. Aggression is a natural response, and occurs in many circumstances, including territorial protection, resource guarding, and protection of pups. Poor quality foods can tamper with a dog’s blood sugar level, create irritability, gastric irritation, and other physical complaints which make learning difficult to impossible. Also, avoid artificial flavors, colors and preservatives, as well as sugars. Feed your dog a diet which includes high quality whole meats, multiple sources of protein, and easily identifiable fat sources (i. Avoid, at all costs, the use of corn, wheat and soy in your dog’s food. Most pet food manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and producing foods which follow these guidelines, so the

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