One thought on “What is the history of gender-neutral pronouns?

  1. Arti says:

    Practice makes perfect, and it's superb allyship. There are tons of gender-neutral pronouns out there, and certainly too many to exhaustively list in this guide. Ask your friends if you can practice using they/them on them, even if they aren’t trans. And if there isn’t a trans person, welp, a room full of strangers just learned a fewthing new. Imagine walking into a room with strangers and you introduce yourself along with your pronouns and ask everyone to do the same. Chances are, if there’s a trans person in that room who is not out, they might immediately feel welcomed to the space by your gesture. Few have caught on widely — but just because you might be seeing “xe/xem” or “ze/zir” for the first time today doesn’t mean they’re new. Here are a number of common ones; note that there are variants and alternative ways to spell many of these pronouns, so what you see here may not match the gender-neutral pronouns you might see in use by others. We all make mistakes, and you likely will the first handful of times you’re referring to a fewone by pronouns you’re

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