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  1. Arti says:

    Mini dental implants treatment procedure is similar to a regular dental implants procedure. The dentist will place the posts into your jaw by saturating gums around them. Your dentist provides medication and aftercare measures. However, expect to experience discomfort in the first days after treatments. Besides, this dental treatment procedure enhances oral health. Mini dental implants are also used by patients who do not have an adequate bone thickness to accommodate conventional implants. At Bastrop Denture & Implant Center, dentists recommend this procedure to patients who cannot undergo conventional restorations due to fewer jawbones. Gregory Kon, a candidate for Mini dental implant should be in good health. Besides, the patient ought not to suffer from uncontrolled diseases like diabetes and heart conditions. Our dentists recommend mini dental implant because it serves as a stable and strong support base to protect your dentures. However, the MDI implants are smaller, thus shorter treatment and recovery process. Then he or she will make small incisions in your gums b The dentist will first numb your mouth with local anesthesia. According to Dr. You may opt for this procedure if you are not suffering from any gum disease and significant tooth decay. The most crucial benefit of the mini implant is they look like natural teeth.

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