One thought on “What is The Misconception About Pitbull Lab Mix?

  1. Arti says:

    From the day that you
    bring home your puppy, invite your friends over as often as you can. As much as
    possible, let your friends take their kids with them when they visit your home. Many people associate dogfights
    with pitbulls and their powerful reflex bite. Labrador
    retrievers are loved everywhere in the world. When one hears the word Pitbull, the first thing that would come to mind is aggression and its bite reflex. On the other hand, there may
    be a few mixed reactions from a Pitbull. Definitely yes! This
    mix dog breed is high in energy, so it means that it’s not suited for a couch
    potato dog owner. Since both of its
    parents are intelligent and loyal dog companions, then you can be sure that the
    Lab Pit Mix will also have these positive traits.

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